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KuraeNoKen - doi tipi care fac senzatie

De mult vroiam sa va arat clipuri cu cei de la KuraeNoKen. Sunt doi francezi...
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Panantukan, more commonly known as Filipino boxing employs all the upper body weapons to... » mai mult

Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis is the system of Filipino martial arts founded by the late Remy Presas as a... » mai mult

Kali, Arnis, Eskrima

" Eskrima " or " Escrima " refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick and... » mai mult

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do – in traducere „calea interceptarii pumnului” – a fost... » mai mult

Bruce Lee

In a lifetime comprising a mere 32 years, Bruce Lee revolutionized the world of martial arts through his profound teachings and philosophy, and created a legacy through his work in motion... » mai mult

Dan Inosanto

Daniel Arca Inosanto (born July 24 , 1936 ) is an American Filipino martial arts (FMA) instructor from California who is best-known as a student of the late Bruce Lee and authority on Jeet... » mai mult

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