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Charyok is a traditional Korean martial art whose name means "borrowed force"; it was a very... » mai mult


"Chayon-Ryu teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques, in order to promote... » mai mult

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is a form of Korean martial arts that was developed by Myung Jae Ok... » mai mult

Jogo do Pau

Jogo do Pau ("stick fencing", or literally "stick (or staff) game") is a Portuguese martial... » mai mult


The Stáv Martial Art (st-arv) is a Norwegian martial (part of Scandanavian) art based... » mai mult


Glíma is the Icelandic national style of amateur Folk wrestling. There are four... » mai mult

Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong (means Sword - long Staff) is a Thai art that combines weapons and empty hand... » mai mult


Sumo [ sɯmoː ] (în japoneză 相撲) este considerat de... » mai mult

Kapu Kuialua

Kapu Ku ʻ ialua ; Kuialua ; or just Lua ; is an ancient Hawaiian martial art of bone... » mai mult


Zipota or zipote is a martial art taught primarily in Texas in the United States and is... » mai mult

Canne de combat

Canne de combat is a French martial arts weapon. It uses a cane or canne (a kind of... » mai mult


Savate (Sa-vat), means old shoe, (a.k.a. 'Boxe Francaise') is a French martial art that is based... » mai mult


Influenta culturii grecesti asupra intregii civilizatii umane este imensa si aproape ca nu mai... » mai mult


Zulu Stick Fighting is a fighting art that comes from the Zule tribe in Africa. At the age of... » mai mult


Moringue or Batay Kréol, a martial art of Malagasy African origin, made a full come back in... » mai mult


Morengy is a traditional Malagasy boxing art. It is based in Sava though other surrounding areas... » mai mult


Senegalese wrestling (fr. Lutte sénégalaise , Wolof Laamb ) is a type of Folk... » mai mult


Kuta is an Ancient Egyptian form of boxing that was used by the bodyguards of the pharoahs. The... » mai mult


Evala is a form of traditional wrestling practiced mainly by the Kabyé of northern Togo,... » mai mult


The Donga (a.k.a. "Surma Stick Fighting") is a contest of wild and violent staff fights that... » mai mult

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