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Zipota or zipote is a martial art taught primarily in Texas in the United States and is... » mai mult

Canne de combat

Canne de combat is a French martial arts weapon. It uses a cane or canne (a kind of... » mai mult


Savate (Sa-vat), means old shoe, (a.k.a. 'Boxe Francaise') is a French martial art that is based... » mai mult


Kuta is an Ancient Egyptian form of boxing that was used by the bodyguards of the pharoahs. The... » mai mult


Dambe , also known as Kokawa is a form of boxing associated with the Hausa people of West... » mai mult


Azerbaijan - Traditional Wrestling Gulesh... » mai mult

Lupte mongoleze (Khapsagay)

Mongolian wrestling (Mongolian: бөх , bökh , wrestling ) is a... » mai mult


Kurash is a form of upright jacket wrestling native to Uzbekistan, practiced since ancient... » mai mult


Integrated Defensive Fighting Systems, Inc. (IDFS) is proud to present the Fierce Israeli... » mai mult


Panantukan, more commonly known as Filipino boxing employs all the upper body weapons to... » mai mult


DUMOG By: Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr... » mai mult


Eskrima, arnis, kali, kalirogan or garote as it is variously know in a polyglot country like... » mai mult

Kali, Arnis, Eskrima

" Eskrima " or " Escrima " refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick and... » mai mult

Goshin Jujitsu

Goshin Jujutsu (自衛柔術) is a modern self-defence-oriented style of... » mai mult


Kickboxing reprezinta un termen generic care defineste ansamblul de sporturi de lupta de lovire... » mai mult


Okinawa Isshin-ryu ( Calea inimilor unite ) este un stil de artă marţială... » mai mult

Hwa Rang Do

Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that was created by Joo Bang Lee and his brother, Joo... » mai mult


As indicated earlier, some writers contend that Bando's beginnings can be dated to the time of... » mai mult

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do – in traducere „calea interceptarii pumnului” – a fost... » mai mult


„Universal fight", prescurtat „unifight", este cea mai noua competitie martiala, un... » mai mult

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