Out all of the former Soviet Republics, Georgia stands on top as far as judo is concerned. As mentioned before, almost all of the former Soviet Republics had their own national wrestling styles. So did Georgia. CHIDAOBA is the national wrestling style of Georgia. In Chidaoba, fighters wear pants, belts, and sleeveless jackets. This is the reason that a lot of techniques that are used by fighters throughout the world, that employ using belt and pant grip, come from the Georgian Chidaoba tradition. Their judo style is very aggressive, and very effective. Even in the days of the former Soviet Union one could see that almost every European, World, and Olympic judo teams from USSR had several Georgians representing their weight categories. All this is proven over and over by the results in international tournaments. In 2001 European Senior Championships, Georgia took 5 medals!!! 4 of these were bronze, and one silver.
         During the Soviet era, there were a lot of Georgians competing for USSR. Every time new and new players came to light, and brought medals from various international competitions. In the early 90's however, this tradition started to fade somewhat. There are numerous reasons for this. Economic problems in the country, political turmoil, and the fact that Georgia is a small country now, not like it used to be with Soviet Union. Now, however, and especially after 2001 European Championships, it is evident that Georgian Judo is back!