The Donga (a.k.a. "Surma Stick Fighting") is a contest of wild and violent staff fights that takes place in Ethiopia after the harvest. It is done to prove your manhood, settle personal conflicts and wo win wives. After the harvest is over, they observe a period of courtship, spending days fingerpainting designs on their bodies. Once the bodies are painted and the courting has started, they have Donga stick fights once a week. The fights are done with 8 foot poles of very hard wood. There's only 1 rule, don't kill your opponent. Which is a good rule in my book. It done by 50+ contestants and is a tournament of one winner. The men who participate, usually represent different villages. The winner of the days bouts is carried out of the arena on a platform of poles over to a group of beautiful women. As he arrives, the winner is taken by one of the girls.