Hoi Jeon Moo Sool

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is a form of Korean martial arts that was developed by Myung Jae Ok (명재옥, born 1938) which uses circular motions in order to direct an opponent's power against them. Hoi Jeon Moo Sool means "the circular martial art." Hoi Jeon Moo Sool means "the revolving martial art."where (Hoi Jeon) means to revolve and (Moo Sool) means martial art, this "revolving art" aims to use the opponent's power against them.



Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is made of five categories:

  1. Kyeok Ki (격기)
  2. Tu Ki (두기)
  3. Mu Ki (무기)
  4. Hwal Ki (활기)
  5. Nae Ki (내기)

Kyeok Ki

Kyeok Ki is an attacking technique which contains attacking hand techniques, blocking hand techniques and kicking techniques.

Tu Ki

Tu Ki, also Du Ki, is a self-defense technique which contains throwing techniques, choking techniques and locking techniques.

Mu Ki

Mu Ki is a weapons technique which contains Jang Kum (long sword), Jung Kum (middle sword), Dan Kum (short sword), Jang Bong (long staff), Jung Bong (middle staff), Dan Bong (short staff), Bu Chae (fan), Pyo Chang (sharp nails), Ji Pang Ei (cane), Tee (belt), Ssang Jeol Bong (short sticks connected by a chain).

Hwal Ki

Hwal Ki is the "revival" technique which teaches all the body's pressure points, physiotherapy, muscular system, bone structure, and acupuncture.

Nae Ki

Nae Ki is a technique that teaches you how to develop your inner strength (ki), breathing techniques, mind control and develop (KI) with a certain forms.

All these techniques following steps way of Hoi Jeon Moo Sool (Bo Beob), which make your movements smoother with any technique. Bo Beob contains, Tae Geuk Bo Beob (directions steps) and Hoi Jeon Bo Beob (Revolving steps).


The Hoi Jeon Moo Sool-logo consists of three main colors, red, blue, and white. These three colors are symbols of three phenomena. The red color resembles the sky, the blue color resembles the earth, and the white color, which separates the red and the blue colors, resembles human being. These phenomena accumulate to make a spiritual power (ki), which is written in Chinese words at the middle of the logo.

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is actually divided in 4 categories to make one complete martial art. They are:

1. Hoi Jeon Moo Do - This consists basically in Hand Techniques. Basically the most important part of HJMS containing unarmed techniques except kicks: Throws, Take Downs, Joint -locks, punches, blocks, etc.

2. Jok Sool Do -This Category includes the Foot Techniques This is another unarmed Sub-art containing foot techniques: Low and high basic kicks, Special Kicks, and basic movements.

3. Kum Sool Do -This Category is focused on the Sword Techniques using a long (120cm) and short (30cm) Stick.

4. Bong Sool Do -this category is focused on the Bo Staff. (also called Jung Bong) Even Though Sword techniques are not the way of self-defense in today's world, but practicing is an interesting part of training, and makes you feel more like a martial artist.


Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is a modern style that uses hand, foot and weapons techniques. Myung Jae Ok, founder of Hoi Jeon Moo Sool, and his younger twin brother, Myung Jae Nam, studied martial arts together for a long time. It was however Myung Jae Nam who took the lead and became the more established martial artist. Myung Jae Ok broke away from the International Hapkido Federation of his brother to start his own organization. Hoi Jeon Moo Sool bares a lot of similarities with the art of Myung Jae Nam which is known as Hankido. In the years after the break-up the two arts both grew in different directions, but a lot of the similarities remained. Especially the emphasis on circular movements.

About Hoi Jeon Moo Sool

Hoi Jeon (revolving) Moo Sool (martial art). Hoi Jeon Moo Sool has three combined principles, which are: to break your opponents spirit, divert his power and reroute his path to follow yours. All martial art combine technique and training philosophy in order to be confident and win over an opponent. So, if you understand and follow these three principles that I have mentioned, you will be a great martial artist.

Looking in to the mirror, you can find only your outer self. You must look inside heart to find your inner self. Since I have practiced martial arts as a way of life for so long, found that the body is the mirror of the heart.

If your heart is mild and peaceful, then your motions will be smooth and graceful; however, if you have a hard and angry heart, your body is sure to follow your heart. If your heart is hard and angry Hoi Jeon Moo Sool will change your body and heart to be peaceful, courageous and swift. The merit of the Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is that men and women, young and old can learn it easily; it is a bright, new martial art that can give hope and new found strength to those who have lost them. Each technique is designed to teach you the construction of your body and how your muscles and nerves work, and then you will be able to control the health of your mind and body. The techniques of Hoi Jeon Moo Sool enable you to confront an attacker and with only one revolution, control and defeat him. This makes Hoi Jeon Moo Sool highly refined, effective and specialized martial art. This martial art has the power of a whirlpool at sea, which can sink even a large ship. You must practice over and over until you have perfected these techniques because I have made a defense system, which will allow you to defend against up to eight attackers at once, only if you have mastered these techniques. Each black belt rank from 1st Dan to 4th Dan has 28 forms, containing 224 techniques, which makes a total of 896 techniques learned by 4th Dan.

Grand Master Myung Jae Ok

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is a Korean martial art developed by Grandmaster Myung Jae Ok. He modernized techniques he had learned during his life-time practicing in order to create a new and easy-to-learn self-defense system.

Grandmaster Myung was born in South Korea on December 31 of 1938. He started practicing martial arts when he was a little boy, and after years of intense training he received high belt ranks in such styles as Kong Soo Do and Hap Ki Do, he has risen to 10th Degree/Dan Black belt in Hap Ki Do, a soft style self-defense system with techniques dating back to over 6000 years ago. Through many years of careful study and true mastery of Hap Ki Do, Grandmaster Myung developed a newer version of Hap Ki Do, a self-defense system called Hoi Jeon Moo Sool or "revolving martial art" officially introduced in Seoul, South Korea in the year 1972. After founding an international umbrella organization called World Hoi Jeon Moo Sool Federation in the mid-80's GM Myung started to spread his style around the world.

Grandmaster Myung still keeps developing and teaching the art and it is currently practiced in about twenty countries. These days he's even employed modern techniques and philosophies on fighting skills. He has thrown away some of the useless traditional techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation, things that no longer work in today's society. So together with modern fighting techniques (such as boxing) and circle motion, Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is truly the complete martial art self-defense system of today.

hoi jeon moo sool philosophy

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool is a very old style comprised of four martial arts:

Hoi Jeon Moo Do (revolving martial art) is an art which uses very precise circular movements through a series of gyrations and is systemized into 3001 self defense techniques. These techniques utilize joint manipulations, arm bars, throws, take-downs, blocks and punches. Self defense is the most important technique of Hoi Jeon Moo Sool.

Jok Sool Do is made up of 7 types of low kicks, 14 types of high kicks, 21 types of special kicks combined with 28 types of attack postures and 70 types of basic motions. It is systemized into 3200 kicking techniques.

Kum Sool Do is a sword art derived from a combination of ancient Korean martial arts, dance and customs. It is made up of 26 kinds of attack posture and 15 types of attack techniques through the use of 41 types of basic motions. It is systemized into 390 techniques.

Bong Sool Do systemizes 577 long stick techniques and 409 short stick techniques by using a method of gyration in order to defend against an attacker most efficiently. Bong Sool Do is a self defense specially designed for adults, particularly for women and older people. The techniques promote mental and physical health, balance control, relaxation of the body and the obtainment of more energy.

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool help develop the brain and regulates blood circulation and nerve systems by stimulation of joints in the body. This art consists of very simple and reasonable movements so that any person, young or old, male or female, can easily practice. These movements help one understand body mechanics by using balance and leverage rather than strength and endurance.

In Hoi Jeon Moo Sool, each technique is built upon, rather than discarded. The most important principles are taught early on and is used extensively even in the Master level. This approach results in a highly organized martial art with the power of circle motion integrated into each technique.


hoi jeon moo sool history

Hoi Jeon MOO Sool is a Korean traditional Martial Art founded by the Great Teacher Jae Ok Myung, is based on tecnicas of the millenarian style, Dal Gue Ryu, created by the first king of dinastia Ko Ryo, call Wang Gon, in anus 918, and was practiced single by the Korean imperial cut. The great Myung teacher, has practiced martial arts during but of forty anuses, among them Hapkido and Kong Soo Do, and has improved and systematized the old tecnicas of the Dal Gue Ryu to give origin to an art martial but rational, cientifico and adapted to the today society.

The meaning of the Hoi Jeon MOO Sool (Je Yon Mu Sul is pronounced) is Martial Art of Giro or the Eddy, and is that their movements are based on eddies of the water and tornados. To the being circular movements, to the eyes of which he is not an expert, they can seem equal to the movements of the Aikido Japones, but studied to but depth, their differences are discovered.

The repertoire of the Hoi Jeon MOO Sool is very ample including all type of blows, kicks, controls, luxaciones, projections, etc., reason why it has been divided in four parts for his better study:

Hoi Jeon MOO Do: tecnicas of self-defense in which the hands and the arms are used (blows and projections). It includes/understands 3.001 tecnicas.

Jok Sool Do: tecnicas of leg, consisting of low, high kicks, jumping and diverse positions and movements of attack and defense, that give a total of 3.200 tecnicas.

Kum Sool Do: tecnicas of sword, derived from Korean, Chinese and Japanese arts. There is a total of 390 tecnicas.

Bong Sool Do: tecnicas of long and short wood, totalizing 986.

The goal of the Hoi Jeon MOO Sool, is to unify energia of the medical instructors with its surroundings, to unite its body with the external space and internal, for which exercises practice that develop ours energia commits (Ki). These exercises denominate Yon Non Pob So, that it means tecnica for the control of the abdominal breathing, in these exercises we concentrated the force in the center of the abdomen, and from alli it is distributed to the rest of the body. Ademas, these tecnicas help to clear the mind and to concentrate to us in everything better what we do.