Kapu Kuialua

Kapu Kuʻialua; Kuialua; or just Lua; is an ancient Hawaiian martial art of bone breaking, emphasizing joint locks, throws, pressure point manipulation, strikes, usage of various weapons, battlefield strategy, open ocean warfare as well as the usage of introduced firearms from the europeans.

The actual name of fighting art was referred to as "Kuʻialua" literally meaning 2 hits. This name is subsequently the name of the god of this martial art.

Although only those associated with the royal family, i.e. professional warriors, guardsmen, the royal families themselves, etc., were primarily taught this martial art form, during times of warfare, the commoners or "maka'ainana" were also instructed in the basic movements and functions of this martial art.

The modern form of this art has been adjusted to suit modern times, however, the traditional spirit of the art remains intact. Weapons used by natives of the Hawaiian islands may have been focused on primarily in the art at one time, as it is said the fighter who loses his weapons should then resort to the hand-to-hand stylings of "lua".

The old warriors of this art would coat themselves with a thin layer of coconut oil and remove all of their body hair in order to be able slip away and avoid being grappled in battle. Thus the name of the Lua masters, "olohe", which literally meant "hairless".

Lua is also known as the art of bone-breaking, as many of the techniques are designed to break the neck, arms, wrists and other appendages.