Moringue or Batay Kréol, a martial art of Malagasy African origin, made a full come back in Réunion Island. Youth appreciates the elegance of its figures and its rituals, rendering homage to its slave ancestry. For over fifty years moring was only a memory in Réunion. The ritual fight was brought to the island by African and Malagasy slaves and was performed until the abolition of slavery in 1848.

Moringue is a lot like Capoeira in the art and roots. Not sure the country it was created in, but it was created by African slaves, from Madagascar, in a French colony in the 18th century. They were slaves on a large plantations of sugar and coffee. Just like Capoeira it's based on music, dance like movements and gymnastics. There's 3 rounds to a competition actually. The first 2 rounds are of combat and dance and the 3rd is just gymnastics. One thing to note is that men do this, but it's practiced by women as well.