Sayokan Turkish Martial Art is the reformer in the martial arts world. Most traditional styles while being great for exercise and discipline, are not only useless in the street but can often give a false sense of security. Even the"better systems"might only work against attackers who are similar in size. Thats why in competion there are weight classes. Sayokan can prepare the average person mentally to make the right decisions and physically to defend against larger and multiple attackers. If you already practice a martial art you don't have to throw it away. Whatever you practice can be enhanced with Sayokan strategy. Sayokan is a reality based self defense system and requires no gymnastics. All you need is common sense and the ability to move aggressively.

Sayokan was founded by Nihat Yigit, A well known Turkish celebrity. Mr Yigit studied tae kwon do as a child, (as many children start out doing). When he was older he traveled to and lived in china studying shaolin kun fu. latter moving to Japan to train in Ashihara karate and living in the home of Ashihara himself. He made a dozen movies during the kung fu craze and after 30 years of traditional martial arts became discouraged. He realized the average black belt could not defend himself in the street and the film industry made a mockery of true martial arts. Therefor  he gave up his movie career and spent ten years developing Sayokan stategy. The results were incredible. With the years of training in the best arts and the freedom to eliminate the useless techniques that sometimes are mandated in traditional styles he was able to design a truely unique style that gives you the ability to improvise while providing basic movements that always leave you chambered and makes every technique full power as in braking.. No wasted moves, no dancing.

Sayokan is a knock down system. We don't fight for points. We fight for life. When we compete, it is full contact with no protective gear.  On the street we use only techniques designed to neutralize the attacker. There are restraining techniques that are perfect for law enforcement but the average person can't afford to play games. You only get one chance to surprise the bad guy.

Sayokan is very popular in Turkey and is used by the secret service, police, military, body guards and others who have to fight for real.