Serrada Eskrima

Serrada Escrima is a system of Eskrima, a form of Filipino martial arts.

This fighting technique was introduced in Stockton, California, United States in 1966. Serrada Eskrima utilizes the art of stickfighting as well as Espada y Daga techniques. Serrada eskrima is usually practiced at close (also known as corto) range. The word Serrada means "to close" in Spanish, and Escrima or Eskrima means to skirmish.

The Filipino founding father of Cabales Serrada Escrima was (1917-1991). He was a disciple of Felisimo Dizon. While the mysteries of Filipino stickfighting were still shrouded in secrecy in the remote South Pacific archipelagos, Angel Cabales emigrated east to the United States. Here he introduced his unique brand of self-defense, and became known as the "Father of Serrada Escrima in America".

In essence, the Cabales Serrada System of Escrima was designed as a form of personal defense, as well as a form of critical thinking. Within the past several decades countless martial artists worldwide have had the rare opportunity to train and to discover the skills, wisdom and close-range, stick and knife empty-hand strategies of Cabales Serrada Escrima.



Angel Cabales

Angel Ovalles Cabales was born in 1917, in the island of Visaya, in south-central Philippines.

He learned the Close Range stick-fighting system of SERRADA from a master named Felicissimo Dizon. Master Cabales then went to Manila, and then worked on the shipyard docks, later joining the merchant navy and travelling to distant lands. 1n 1966, master Cabales established the first escrima academy in Stockton, California. He was most dedicated to the teaching of Serrada to young boys. He always welcomed guests to his school and never rejected any students. His sincerity and humbleness, while living with meager income, later awarded his name world-wide fame and a huge success for his art. Today his students teach it in virtually every corner of the world, from southern Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Central Asia, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and the United States of America. His art of escrima is different from other styles of escrima in many components, such as the next-move sampling and checking in each of Serrada's counters for the 12 Strikes of the Serrada system, the LOCK & BLOCK method, the FLOW fighting method, the REVERSAL principles, and other concepts.

Among his most dedicated students is Darren Tibon who is one of the few who know the whole Serrada system and can perform it in vast detail, Jerry Preciado, Sultan Uddin, Frank Rillamas, Anthony Davis, Jeff Finder, Jimmy Tacosa, Mike Inay, Mark Wiley, Mike Davis, Gabriel Asuncion, Wade, Carlito, Dentoy Revillar, and others.

Vincent Cabales, son of Angel Cabales, became Grandmaster of the Serrada school.